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Why Study in Sicily

Study Abroad in Italy, Sicily - Learn Italian in Italy

Why Study in Sicily - Study abroad in Italy - Taormina, Sicily

babilonia-language-school-taorminaLearning Italian in Italy and studying Italian in Sicily is your dream? Among the many Italian language programs in Italy and the many study abroad in Italy opportunities available, Babilonia - Center for Italian Language and Culture is unique.

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Italian studies in Sicily

Why Study in Sicily - Italian programs in Sicily

Sicily is the ideal location for Italian Studies students to explore the roots of Italian culture. Boasting beige pebble and sandy beaches, warm turquoise water, snow-capped volcano Mount Etna, and rich agricultural land. Consequently, every major European dynasty claimed Sicily leaving a trail of historic artistic, architectural and cultural remains visible on every corner in every town on this Mediterranean island earning Sicily the nickname "Crossroads of Civilizations". Students who choose to study abroad in Italy in Taormina, Sicily enjoy the unique opportunity of immersing in the rich and varied cultural roots of Italy.

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Why Study in Taormina

Why Study in Sicily - Italian programs in Taormina

Nestled on the summit of Mt. Tauro, Taormina boasts amazing views of the turquoise Ionian Sea and Homer’s mythical Mount Etna. Its narrow medieval streets are peppered with buildings representing the many civilizations which have been inhabitants since its early Greek beginnings. Taormina offers Study Abroad in Italy, Sicily students a safe, vibrant, walkable community ideal for study and immersing into the Italian culture.

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More about Sicily

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Syllabi for programs are available for faculty members to review prior to approval of academic credits for study abroad in Sicily courses.
Students may directly transfer credits into their home university or earn US university credits through Auburn University.



For more specific details on study abroad programs, please contact:

Donnamarie Kelly Pignone

Kelly Pignone

U.S. Academic Advisor

tel/fax: (+1) 603-894-5552
Cell (+1) 978-828-3228


Italian Studies Courses

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