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Study abroad programs in Italy, Sicily - Italian studies programs in Taormina

Semester program in Sicily, Italy

Study abroad programs in Italy - Semester Programs

semester-study-abroad-program-in-sicilyTaormina is an ideal location to study abroad for a semester or yearlong program for the student who is interested in total immersion into the Italian culture and language. A quaint medieval city, Taormina’s charm captivates students as they find themselves welcomed into the everyday life of this vibrant community.

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Summer Study Abroad Programs in Sicily, Italy

Study abroad programs in Italy - Summer Term Programs

summer-termSummer study abroad in Italy students discover that Taormina, Sicily has a high caliber vibrant art community. Students enrolled in the Summer Term Study in Italy, Sicily programs participate in our Center for Italian Language and Culture's weekly social and cultural activities including Italian Cinema, Italian Art, Literature and History lectures... 

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January Term Winter Break Intersession programs in Sicily

Study abroad programs in Italy - January Term Programs

Two, three and four week January Winter Break options allow students enrolled in the Study Abroad in Italy, Sicily January Term Intersession Winter Program to complete 3 to 6 credits in Italian language and/or Italian literature, cinema, geology, art history, archeology or history courses taught in either English or Italian. Italian Studies students as well as students seeking a short term study abroad experience can enroll in the January Term Programs in Sicily.

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High School AP Italian Preparation Courses

Study abroad programs in Italy - AP Italian Preparation Courses


AP Advanced Placement Italian Preparation Courses

Thanks to the advocacy of the Italian Embassy the College Board has announced that the first AP Italian Language and Culture Exam will begin to be  administered in May 2012 giving high school students the opportunity to earn college credits for their Italian language study.

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High school vacation week

Study abroad programs in Italy - High School and AP Prep Programs


High School Vacation Week

Babilonia - Center for Italian Language and Culture's location in Taormina, Sicily, the Pearl of the Mediterranean, is an ideal setting for high school students to study abroad in Italy and advance their Italian language proficiency. Taormina is safe, compact, and overflowing with Sicilian hospitality.

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Scholarships and financial aid for italian language courses

Study abroad programs in Italy - Scholarships and financial aid

scholarships-and-financial-aid-for-italian-language-coursesScholarship and financial aid Opportunities for Students Studying Italian language courses, Italian studies and Italian culture programs.

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Study abroad programs in Italy - Teacher study grant in Italy

Teachers study grant for italian studies in Italy

Study abroad programs in Italy - Teacher study grant in Italy

The Center for Italian Studies “Babilonia” in Taormina, Sicily is pleased to announce its Annual Teacher Study Grant created to recognize a teacher of Italian for his/her excellence in classroom teaching.

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Faculty Led Programs - Italian studies in Italy

Study abroad programs in Italy - Faculty Led Programs

faculty-led-programsBabilonia - Center for Italian Language and Culture has developed study abroad programs with U.S. institutions which accept students from other institutions into their faculty led study abroad in Sicily programs:

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Study abroad summer program Italy - Auburn University

Study abroad programs in Italy - Faculty Led Programs

auburn-universityHome to many ancient civilizations and at the center of the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily offers a rich setting in which to examine political history and thought, literature, geology, and the arts. Immersed in Italian culture, students have many opportunities for entertainment, from cultural activities (International Film Festival, operas, theatrical plays and concerts) to sports (swimming, golf, tennis, diving) and cuisine.

Taormina is the perfect location for students or teachers of any discipline: a complete interdisciplinary program which avails itself of the most effective pedagogical methods (communicative approach for language instruction), close and personal interaction (maximum 10 students per class) and stunning natural resources (Mount Etna, the best preserved Greek temples and theaters, sandy beaches and blue waters).

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Study abroad customized programs Sicily

Study abroad programs in Italy - Customized Programs

study-abroad-customized-programs-sicilyWith the increased awareness of the importance of international education, and study abroad experience, faculty and institutions are seeking opportunities to internationalize courses and expand curriculum with International customized academic programs.

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International internship programs in Italy, Sicily

Study abroad programs in Italy - International internships in Italy

Mariana, Bryant University, API internship programs in Taormina with our Academic AdvisorAn International academic internship in Italy is an invaluable complement to traditional classroom learning and builds marketable skills and professional connections. At Babilonia – Center for Italian Language and Culture in Taormina, Sicily students can enroll in a 3 credit (65 hours) or 6 credit (130 hours) study abroad internship course

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More about Sicily

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Syllabi for programs are available for faculty members to review prior to approval of academic credits for study abroad in Sicily courses.
Students may directly transfer credits into their home university or earn US university credits through Auburn University.



For more specific details on study abroad programs, please contact:

Donnamarie Kelly Pignone

Kelly Pignone

U.S. Academic Advisor

tel/fax: (+1) 603-894-5552
Cell (+1) 978-828-3228


Italian Studies Courses

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