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Study Abroad in Italy, Sicily - Welcome

Welcome from the Director!


In 1992, when I founded the Babilonia - Center for Italian Language and Culture, my intention, as a native Sicilian, was to offer those who love the Italian language and Italian culture an opportunity to discover the island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea where the entire Italian culture has its roots. Since 1992, we have passionately dedicated ourselves to promoting our Sicilian heritage and culture along with the study of the Italian language. We strive to offer opportunities for learners of the Italian language to also become learners of the Italian culture and Italian life. A language is the result of a culture and not just the result of a set of grammar rules.

Studying abroad is an experience that broadens our knowledge and our spirit. For more than 2500 years, Sicily has shared its spirit with travellers from many lands. Situated in the center of the Mediterranean, Sicily has served as a meeting place and a bridge for three continents, each of which has contributed to Sicily's unique history and culture. There are few other places which have been impacted by as great a number of civilizations: the Sicani, the Sicilians, the Greeks, the Carthaginians, the Romans, the Byzantines, the Arabs, the Normans, the Spaniards – all influenced the vibrant Sicilian culture. Our study abroad programs in Sicily reflect Sicily's magnificently rich 2500 years of knowledge, poetry, art and traditions.

Babilonia - Center for Italian Language and Culture is situated in Taormina, Sicily, the perfect place to study Italian and discover Sicily and to combine a beautiful and exciting study abroad experience with a high quality Italian program of study recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education. BABILONIA is a member of A.S.I.L.S.(Association of Schools of Italian as a Second Language) and has been recognized consistently by the Language Study Magazine Star Awards in the Best Language School in Italy category. In the U.S., Auburn University accredits both language and culture courses taken at Babilonia and U.S. students can opt to earn either undergraduate or graduate credits through Auburn.


Taormina is perfectly situated to offer students easy access to the magnificent and historically important treasures throughout Sicily. The unique atmosphere at our school has been praised consistently by our students and by the Institutions and Universities that work with us. The main goal of our study abroad programs in Sicily is to provide the opportunity to study Italian language and culture while fully immersing in Sicilian life, in its culture, in its history, in its traditions, in its territory. Our Academic Advisor for Study Abroad programs in Sicily, Donnamarie Kelly Pignone, will be happy to answer all of your questions and all of your requests from our office in the U.S. (cell 978-828-3228 or Tel 894-5552). Don't hesitate to contact her!
We wish to welcome you soon to Taormina, Sicily and give you the opportunity to discover our island so full of history, so full of culture, so full of linspiration!

Alessandro Adorno
founder director

More about Sicily

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Syllabi for programs are available for faculty members to review prior to approval of academic credits for study abroad in Sicily courses.
Students may directly transfer credits into their home university or earn US university credits through Auburn University.



For more specific details on study abroad programs, please contact:

Donnamarie Kelly Pignone

Kelly Pignone

U.S. Academic Advisor

tel/fax: (+1) 603-894-5552
Cell (+1) 978-828-3228


Italian Studies Courses

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