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Intensive Italian language programs in Sicily, Italy

Italian Studies Courses in Italy - Study in Italy

Italian Language courses taught at Babilonia - Center for Italian Language and Culture are full immersion classes. Language classes are conducted in the Italian language exclusively to accelerate learning. Since Babilonia students are from around the world and all students do not speak English, the "lingua franca" (common language for communication among students) is Italian. Rather than follow a specific textbook, faculty draw materials from a variety of authentic reading, video and audio sources as well as a variety of Italian language textbooks. The focus is to introduce students to current language usage. The didactic methodology follows the curriculum set by the Common Framework of European Languages.


Each 3 credit language course requires a minimum of 45 contact hours of immersion language study and a minimum of 5 hours of cultural lectures. Italian Language 101 requires  60 contact hours with a minimum of 5 hours of cultural lectures. A written and oral placement test is administered to each student prior to placement in an appropriate level language class. Class size varies, but the average number of students in each class is 5 to 7 students. Advanced classes generally range from 3 to 5 students. The maximum limit is 12 which is only rarely scheduled during the peak summer months. Each week faculty assess the progress of each student and students' levels are adjusted to advance students who have mastered their current level (students living with host families often advance) or place students in a level to promote further language development.

All of the Babilonia teachers are native speakers with a minimum of a Master's degree and each is trained in Teaching Italian as a Foreign Language. Faculty teaching assignments are rotated each week exposing language students to a variety of voices (pace, tone, volume, vocabulary, personal interests, personal background).


ITA 101 Elementary Italian courses begin on specific Mondays; all other course levels are offered year round and begin on any Monday.


Starting dates for Absolute Beginners in 2015:




month day month day


07, 14 and 21


3, 17 and 31


  14 and 27


04 and 18


15 and 28


11 and 25


01, 15 and 29


12 and 26


10 and 22


 12 and 26


 2, 16 and 30



Language Courses offered

ITA 101 Elementary Italian I (link)
ITA 102 Elementary Italian II (link)
ITA 111 Intermediate Italian I(link)
ITA 112 Intermediate Italian II(link)
ITA 301 Advanced Italian I(link)
ITA 302 Advanced Italian II (link)
ITA 311 High Advanced Italian I (link)
ITA 312 High Advanced Italian II (link)
ITA 401 Superior Italian I (link)
ITA 402 Superior Italian II (link)
ITC 403 Many Manifestations of Italian Culture (combines language study and cultural lectures in English)

ITC 405 Le diverse maschere della cultura italiana (combines language study and cultural lectures in Italian)

More about Sicily

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Syllabi for programs are available for faculty members to review prior to approval of academic credits for study abroad in Sicily courses.
Students may directly transfer credits into their home university or earn US university credits through Auburn University.



For more specific details on study abroad programs, please contact:

Donnamarie Kelly Pignone

Kelly Pignone

U.S. Academic Advisor

tel/fax: (+1) 603-894-5552
Cell (+1) 978-828-3228


Italian Studies Courses

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